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Speed Dry USA has been serving thousands of customers yearly in over 25 cities across the U.S ! We are a family owned , Texas based company that takes pride in providing the most professional and affordable air duct cleaning services.  

Air Ducts, also known as Air Vents , are passages used in air conditions, ventilation and heating systems to deliver and remove air. Air duct cleaning is the process necessary for all air vents  to assure a high functioning system performance, improving air quality and reducing energy use.


 There are various types of duct cleaning:

Basic Cleaning: Consist of vacuuming out the air ducts and return individually using a high powered negative pressure vacuum to clear out dust, debris, hair, and dirt.

This service is recommended to do every 15-18 months and depending on the air ducts condition , takes up to an hour to complete.

Deep Cleaning: Consist of different combinations of treatments, due every 2-4 years and can be used together or separately as following:  Mold Remediation - treated to clean the air ducts and eliminate fungus inside the air vents.

Rotor Brush- Removes heavy build up within the ducts by rotating and spinning to loosen harden debris and dirt. Sanitization- A process to disinfect , as well as deodorize , to kill bacteria , mold and fungi.

The Deep Cleaning process is provided with 2 year warranty

Warning signs to notice

 Mold Growth - Any visible mold accumulating on or inside hard surfaces in your heating and cooling system.Most times mold is not visible , Therefore an expert is required for a professional examination .

Clogged Ducts - Dust , hair , lint , debris , pet dander and even infestation of rodents and different insects clogges the ducts and releases into you living areas. That results in health risks such as Asthma , allergies and chronic diseases.

Increased Energy Costs - if you are experiencing an increase in energy bills , you should consider to get an air duct cleaning. Heating and cooling systems operate in better performance when maintained and cleaned regularly. 

Foul Household Scents - Overtime , different odors are trapped and linger within the ducts and vents resulting in unpleasant smells floating in the ducts and eventually find their way to our breathing system. 


 Air duct cleaning process is adjusted to each customer according to their air system condition:

- Testing the system and doing a furnace inspection.

- Removing all air vents and brushing them lightly to remove dust.

- Using a 3500 PSI pressure machine , Vacuuming each one of the air ducts all the way to the main unit , along with the return supply.


In addition to the steps explained above

- Using a Rotter brush , a special spinning brush that removes heavy build up , we will brush to clean the ducts all the way to the main unit.

- Sanitizing the air ducts using a Fogger Machine to spray chemicals to clean and disinfect the ducts.


  1. Vacuum and sweep daily\weekly
  2. Schedule air duct cleaning services annually.
  3. If pets are around , make sure to groom them often.
  4. Invest in good filters and make it a point to clean then every 3 months.Electrostatic filters are washable and preferable when doing any construction work 
  5. Seal off the registers and turn the A\C system off. 
  6. Repair leaks and water damage - moist is mold's best friend. keep the ducts as dry as possible. 

Who Do We provide services for

 We service the Austin metro area in Texas. 

Residential Properties - Privates Homes , Condos , Apartments , Mobile Homes , Rentals .

Commercial Properties - Offices , Rentals , Retail Stores , Commercial buildings.

                              To consult with our highly trained experts call us now! 

additional services

Our company's priority is to provide the best services possible to ensure happy customers. Alongside our air duct services , we advice on additional services that will help and improve you unit system!  


Electrostatic Filters are air filters that clean the air by using static electricity.The electrostatic charge is produced by air flowing through a "maze" od static prone is 100% safe for the household and system and creates an electric charge that attracts particles in your unit.

advantages of installing electrostatic filters

  • High filter capacity
  • Washable and reusable
  • No need for replacement
  • Holds extreme amount of dust!
  •  Feature an anti-microbial filter media 
  • Life time warranty!
  • Re-sizable

Ultraviolet Light Purification Systems

 UV light destroy microbes (bacteria that causes diseases) in the AC Units.

The UV lights are installed in your duct work or near the AC coil, and they destroy microbes like mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold spores and viruses in the line-of-sight of the UV bulb. 

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