Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having a dryer vent cleaning services is important for the efficiency of the dryer. build up of lint and other substances gets trapped and clogs the dryers exhaust. This clog prevents moisture and heat from being cleared and vented out of the dryer , resulting in dryer damage and increase energy bills.

In cases where dryers are not cleaned regularly , Dryers can become a major fire hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association , almost 17,000 home reports of fires and property damage are caused by the failure to clean their vents .


Cloths are damp or are not dry at all: If your cloths or other garments are not dry after a normal full cycle of drying, there is more likely an issue of clogged vent.

Lint or debris build-up within dryer: Filters within the dryer are used to collect lint. that lint is the fiber that sheds from the cloths during a cycle. Lint or debris lingering within the dryer are a sign for clogged vents that are potentially hazardous.

Oder: Unclear or stale moldy smell on clothing after a cycle.

Over heated dryer: Dryer is hot to touch or a slight burning smell.

Humidity: humidity within the dryer door.

tips and trouble-shooting

Clear Filters: After every cycle , clear filters from lint to ensure no debris or lint build up that can ignite and cause a fire.

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Hire an experienced professional  to perform a cleaning for the vent. recommended once in every six months.


  • Reduces drying time : If the dryer vent is all cleared and works efficiently , the time to dry a load reduces. 
  • Reduced energy bills : Dryer work harder and longer when clogged. Re-run cycles and less air flow increases you energy bills.
  • Prevent fires : the lint that the dryer produces is flammable , trouble-shoot and save your family and home.
  • Longer usage of the dryer : When cleaning the dryer vent, you reduce the need for frequent repairs and repair costs.
  • Eliminates dust and lint residue on cloths and garments.