Water Damage and Restoration


As unbelievable is it may sound, almost every state in the U.S suffers from some type of flooding for the last decade.Some areas are more prone to severe natural disasters and some are more exposed to harsh weather.No private property or business is immune to mother natures surprises or to other damages that may occur. Water Damage often escalates when the problem has not been addressed immediately and correctly! water damage is a knows factor for destroying all types of areas, from furniture and carpets to walls and ceiling and even your most valuable personal items. 

The important thing to understand is the difference between categories of water damage.Those categories determine the safety level of workers and customers exposed to it , along with the professional approach on how to handle the damage.

There are three categories:

Category 1 - Usually comes from a sanitary source (water pipes) the visual sign will be water of clear color.

Category 2 - Contaminated water. Typically of grey color that contain some sorts of biological or physical chemicals.For example , toilet bowls with urine , dishwashers\washers discharge. If not extracted and removed promptly , it can escalate and be classified as category 3.

Category 3 - Also knows as "black water" stage , very dangerous and contaminated with harmful bacteria and fungi.

Speedry USA is a licensed company for water damage and restoration and has been professionally serving over 25 cities nationwide.All of our technicians are highly trusted and trained with advanced equipment and fastest respond to handle any size of disasters!

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causes of damage water

Natural Disaster and Weather - Rainstorm passing or even a harsh snowy winter leaving the roof with leaks.In winter and cold weather there are higher chances of pipes bursting due to temperature drop or poor insulation.

HVAC And Water droplets - surrounding the air conditioner.

Leaking or bursting pipes - Pipes that are leaking or bursting are usually backed up or blocked which creates pressure on the pipe.Another cause can be deterioration of old pipes that are rusty and weakened over the years.

House Spaces - Crawling spaces such as basements and attics are prone to mold growth due to the trapped moisture.The moisture, which is a breeding grounds for bacteria ,can cause structural damage to your home or business. 

How urgent should i address my water problem?

As soon as possible! The sooner you hire a licensed professional to solve the water damage, the faster we can fix and prevent the damage from worsen.  

Water damage and restoration process:

There are different types, class and levels of water damage and each varies and requires a different approach . Overall , these are the following general steps:

  1. Inspection - A licensed technician will arrive and evaluate the damages with inspection of the house or business.
  2. Removal of water - Removing standing water out of the house by vacuums and pump machinery that extracts all the present water.
  3. Drying\humidification- Now that the area of the water damage is clear, the process of drying out the house and increase the air circulation can take place. The time frame of this process varies with every situation.
  4. Sanitizing and cleaning - Disinfecting and sanitizing to all existing personal belongings and antibacterial treatment to clear the mold and prevent the growth.
  5. Restoration - This is one of the most important steps to replace the existing materials and reinstate your home or business to their previous condition.
  6. Final walk-through - After the service is completed , a thorough walk through will take place to finalize procedure and to ensure the process is completed.


Look for the following signs:

  1. Areas of standing or pooling water.
  2. Look for a difference in colors (yellow,brown,copper)
  3. Look for differences in textures (wet,dry,cracking or peeling paint of wallpaper) and smells (musty or moldy system)
  4. Minimize the damage -Remove and wipe any excess water as much as possible.Use towels and mops and turn off the house water supply.
  5. Do not use vacuums or any electric applicants.
  6. Remove wet furniture , books and paper products to prevent the water to be absorb and gain weight.
  7. MOST IMPORTANTLY! contact us , a professional water damage and restoration company to evaluate and assist.


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